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TRACK 101: The Basics  


Athlete Benefits


We have confidence in the fact sports benefit our youth by addressing the following life values and skills:

  • Physically – by learning skills related to sports/athletes and improving physical conditioning.

  • Emotionally – by building their feelings of self-esteem through recognizing individual achievements

  • Socially – by forming bonds of friendships and learning good sportsmanship.

  • Technically – by Learning the sound fundamentals and maximize the opportunity for individual development


Track Season  


Austin Honey Badgers Track Club (HBTC) track season runs from February through August. The season consist of three types of non-competitive and competitive meet opportunities:  

  • Developmental meets

  • District and Regional meets

  • National meets

The developmental meets typically occur in the Texas cities of: Houston, Dallas, Austin and surrounding areas. District and Regional meets occur in Central Texas and San Antonio, Texas.  National meets occur in various Cities in the United States. 

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