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Austin Honey Badgers staff have a plethora of knowledge and skills that they bring to the track club however they share a common love and interest for the sport of "Track and Field. 

Brandon Cooper 
Owner and Head Coach 


Brandon is passionate about coaching and training youth athletes in the art of track and field. 

Candice Cooper
Owner and Business Manager

Candice is ready to cheer the loudest in the stands and help build this program to the best in the nation. 

Ira Alexander 


Coach Ira is all about conditioning and strength. 

Randy Peeples          


Coach Randy believes that all youth will and can succeed. 

 Essence Nance 


Coach Essence also known as the 'Cool Coach" grew up running track, now she gets to give back by coaching the sport she loves.  

Sonia Hartman


Ms. Sonia is the teams right hand woman. She is the go-to for everything on meet days. 

 Laura Lyra


Coach Vincent, an educator by trade, brings calmness, trust and enthusiasm to our young runners. 

 Laura Lyra
Asst. Administrator


Ms. Laura stays behind the scenes but she is a true asset to the program, especially with all things campsite related. 

Shahadah Haywood
Parent Liasion


Ms. Shahadah keeps parents abreast of all things happening. She is especially helpful with introducing new parents with the track world.  

Cassandra Alexander
Fundraising Commitee


Ms. Cassandra is the fundraising Queen. Every year she hits the ground running, looking for ways to help offset cost. 

Marcella Musgrave
Photographer and Support


You can typically catch Ms. Marcy behind the camera. She's our photographer extraordinaire, always capturing our great and not so great moments. 

Cynthia Sayles 
Tax Consultant and Financial Advisor 


No organization is complete without someone behind the scenes managing the finances. Whether it's tax time, account management or budget creation, Ms. Sayles does it all. Her company Sayles Tax is also a proud sponsor of the Austin Honey Badgers. For your tax and accounting purposes, contact Ms. Sayles at 512-740-5133 or

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